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Welcome to “Trigger & Tailor”; a new label by Confectie Industrie Verbeek. We are proud to inform you that, alongside our current business, we now offer a new “modern fashion brand”.

A special design team created this collection for us: in line with the latest trends and developed with the right details such as labels/hangers and tags!

This concerns a wide range of jackets that “Trigger” on all fronts; our “Tailors” manufacture these items in a separate production channel.

Trigger & Tailor offers various fits and jackets with different details. The creative use of materials, pocketing, colors and buttons makes Trigger & Tailor a unique brand.

We are happy to present to you this new experience and hope to "Trigger" you and your customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the collection and the prices of “Trigger & Tailor” or for making an appointment. Feel free to contact us:

Trigger & Tailor
[email protected]



Trigger & Tailor

Kruisberg 42-44
6231 RK Meerssen

Postbus 175
6230 AD Meerssen

+31 (0)43-3641417
[email protected]